The beauty industry has grown into a global behemoth over the decades. Most of us love a good primp and pamper session, with lotions and potions, creams and butters for everything under the sun – especially over the last year, the need for self-care became de rigueur.

But at the same time, the industry’s plastic footprint has exploded. In 2019, The National Geographic reported that ‘globally, the packaging industry for beauty and personal care products, which primarily reflects plastic packaging, makes up nearly $25 billion in sales (equal to £17.618 million in today’s figures). Just take a look in your bathroom cabinet.

And sadly, most of this ends up in landfill or finds its way out into natural water systems; in fact, a staggering 95% is thrown away after a single use!

Here at CookiePhat, we believe that change is possible and starts small, often in your own home. Our products are packaged in gorgeous glass jars, which are almost infinitely recyclable. If you’ve just finished a batch of Super Serum or Ultra Cream, here are some fun ways to upcycle your containers!

1. Use to store hair accessories / earrings

Pesky things like bobby pins, littles elastics or hairs ties, and butterflies for earrings that always seem to disappear when you need them most.

2. Ornamental plant pots

Opt for plants with shallow root systems, such as perennial flowers – forget me nots and erigeron are good choices.

3. Candle holders

Place a tealight in the Ultra Cream jar or get creative and make your own! Add your favourite essential oils to the mix.

4. Aromatic reed diffusers

Fill the Super Serum container with the carrier oil of your choice and your favourite mix of essential oils. Insert bamboo or reed sticks.

5. Mini flower vases

Make the perfect centrepiece. If you have multiple containers stored away, try tying them together to make a larger piece.

6. Travel-sized containers

Carry small sized amounts of your toiletries for overnight stays or weekend getaways.

7. Makeshift pillboxes

Perfect for hayfever and the next approaching festival season.

8. DIY skincare

Like to make your own lip balms, scrubs or butters? Now you have containers for all your wonderful projects!

Make sure to give them all a good scrub beforehand, getting into all the nooks and crannies and letting them sit in warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes first.

And if DIYing isn’t your forte, you can still recycle the jars. Head to recyclenow.com to find your local recycling options.


Enjoy xoxo


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