Native to the Arabian Peninsula, Aloe Vera is one of over 500 species of Aloe plant. The succulent plant has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes for thousands of years and is typically known today for its ability to soothe the effects of sunburn and aid digestion. The composition of the fleshy gel-like substance found inside the leaves contain much more than water and has a highly impressive constituent profile. See the table below for a brief breakdown of the different ways Aloe Vera benefits skin.




Inhibits acne inducing bacteria, increases collagen and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid- clear youthful skin.
Sterols Promotes cell renewal and maintains cell membranes- firm youthful skin.
Enzymes Breaks down the keratin in dead skin and free radicals- smoother skin. Protects against damage from the sun and other environmental pollutants- healthy glowing skin.
Lipids & Fatty Acids Aids natural repair process, anti-inflammatory action and supports skins barrier which protects from damage and dirt- moisturised protected skin.
Amino acids Restores damage. softens hardened skin cells.
Vitamins and Minerals  Vitamins A, C and E which are antioxidants. Also Vitamin B12, Folic acid, calcium, chromium, copper, selenium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc. They are essential for the proper functioning of various enzyme systems and collectively possess incredible abilities including functions such as pore tightening.
Salicylic acid Antiseptic action and unclogs pores.
Glycosaminoglycans Binds water into the skin- hydrated and healthy skin, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


This nutrient-dense ingredient is one of our favourites and certainly enriches our deluxe Ultra Cream.


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