The Borage species is native to the eastern Mediterranean region and cultivated in North America and various parts of Europe. Its striking potent blue flower has a star-like shape, aptly earning itself the nickname "Starflower". 

Prized as one of natures richest sources of GLA, (gamma linolenic acid) which is a type of Omega 6 fatty acid that our body converts to prostaglandin, it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and possesses genius hormone regulating abilities. Borage seed oil is therefore often used to balance skin disorders including eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and acne. Being low on the comedogenic scale, Borage seed oil is less likely to clog the pores of normal/combination skin, but for those who have particularly acne/oily prone skin types, you can still unlock the benefits from Borage and reduce any risk by mixing with oils with an even lower comedogenic rating. Macadamia nut oil and Argan oil are especially great carrier choices as they both have a comedogenic rating of 0 and are packed with benefits. Ultimately, beauty-boosting Borage seed oil contributes to hydration, boosts the skins natural protective barrier, restores balance and is powerfully anti-ageing. 

This clever, nutrient-dense ingredient is certainly one of our favourites and absolutely enriches our lusciously hydrating Ultra Cream.

Enjoy xoxo


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