Winter weather is upon us!

Apart from the obvious need for layers and scarfs due to the chilling temperature drop, cold winter air has a direct impact on our skin due to it holding very little moisture in comparison with warm air. The drop in humidity causes existing moisture to escape from the skin leaving it prone to a feeling of tightness, itching, flaking, peeling, scaling and redness. Apart from the undesirable prosthetic effects resulting from unhappy skin; the skin plays an important role regarding our immune system so the damage is often greater than we think! As well as acting as a barrier, layers of the the skin contain special cells of the immune system, some of which work to detect foreign invaders whilst others have the function of destroying and removing them. Clearly then, protecting our skin from the harshness of winter is an important, yet much overlooked consideration when preserving our health.

To help you protect your skin specifically in winter, see the following tips…


  1. Avoid washing in hot water! As it strips oils away from your skin. Try using warm instead.
  2. Choose your moisturiser carefully; make sure its natural, petroleum free and with added ingredients to promote skin hydration such as… Lavender, which also is known to have a healing effect on dry skin.* 
  3. Moisturise immediately- whilst skin is still damp to assist in sealing added moisture.
  4. Consider a humidifier (or leaving a glass of water by your radiator)
  5. Drink! We tend to drink less water in winter when our skin needs it more. Try warm water with a slice of lemon for a refreshing boost of hydration.
  6. Remember to continue to exfoliate. Our dead skin cells still need removing in winter.
  7. Use a moisturising cleanser. Many cleansers contain harsh drying ingredients.
  8. Use a hydrating face mask with nourishing ingredients such as Banana, Avocado and Jojoba.


*  FYI Lavender is an unsung ingredient in both our Ultra Cream and Super Serum.


 Enjoy xoxo

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