For years we have been taught that oils + face = bad, clogged pores (spots!). However, this is a major misconception now more than ever and here’s why.

1. Oils are lipophilic (able to dissolve in fats) and therefore swiftly permeate the lipid layer of the skin (used as a base to cream will promote transportation of nutrients from the cream deeper beneath the skin) preventing water loss and plumping skin full of moisture having a firming effect, making oil a powerful natural ingredient for combating the effects of ageing.

2. Many botanical oils contain potent antioxidants which play a crucial role in the health and appearance of skin. Boasting of anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to stimulate cell metabolism, antioxidants work well to keep acne at bay, supporting an even clear skin tone including the minimizing of scar tissue.

3. In recent years advances in the ability to refine oil have led to cosmetic grade oils that are no longer thick and clogging like mineral oil, but now are emollient, not leaving any residue on the skin.

Its easy to see why we love botanical oils!

You can find some of our favourite, premium grade organic oils in our CookiePhat Face Super Serum.

Enjoy xoxo

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