The Althaea (Marshmallow) plant is native to Northern Africa, Europe, and Western Asia. It contains a thick gum like substance which is extracted from its root.

This soothing mucilage, which actually is a complex form of glycerin- works well as an anti-inflammatory, and contains antibacterial properties which not only promote healthy, clear skin, but is ideal for those with sensitive skin while encouraging wound healing/balancing of skin disorders.

Teaming with polysaccharides and flavonoids, the use of Marshmallow Root extract works to deeply hydrate skin while improving its ability to retain moisture. Regular use reduces fine lines and wrinkles, promoting supple skin whilst providing protection.

Boasting of such benefits is it any wonder; that Marshmallow Root is deemed a natural skincare wonder?

You can find it in our ever so sumptuous CookiePhat Face Ultra Cream.

Enjoy! xoxo

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