The skin is a multifaceted organ consisting of three layers. We call them- The Epidermis, The Dermis and The Subcutaneous layer. Together they benefit us by…


• Providing a measure of protection for the body against numerous pathogenic microbes and chemical agents.

• Helping to restrict fluid and water loss.

• Helping to prevent excessive water absorption by imparting water resistance to the skin.

• Assisting in temperature regulation of the body.

• Being the body’s main sensory organ for temperature, pressure, touch and pain.

• Providing protection from UV light.

• Playing a key role in metabolism, including vitamin D synthesis and biotransformation of some chemicals (lack of vitamin D can lead to soft bones and many associated problems).

Whilst the majority of us understand that we need to actively care for our skin;  many of us still haven’t quite mastered as to how. You may frequently hear the term “skincare routine” but how is it that we get into a good one? Other than eating healthily and keeping hydrated, what does our skin require to be at its best?

For your convenience we’ve put together the template below and please note, it is important to tweak it according to the cues from your skin.





Makeup Remover

As and when removing makeup- before cleanser

-   Prevents clogged pores


Twice daily- before toner

-   Cleans, imperative to skin health


Twice daily- before serum

-   Balances skin PH, Restores after cleansing


Once or twice daily- before moisturiser

-   Delivers powerful nutrients boosting skin health


Twice daily

-   Boosts hydration, delivers nutrients

-   Provides a protective layer

-   Prevents wrinkles

Adriatic Sea Sponge

Once or twice daily or can be used in place of makeup remover

-   Gentle peeling effect

-   Deep cleans

-   Naturally contains iodine which kills germs

-   Naturally contains sea mineral & natural enzymes


Weekly- before toner

-   Removes build-up of dry/dead skin cells

-   Increases circulation


1-3 times weekly

-   According to type multiple benefits including soothing, nourishing, reducing pore size and more

Hydrating Mist

As and when- under a moisturiser or during the day for a refreshing skin boost

-   Provides quick refreshing hydrating boost



-   Enhances skin absorption of nutrients

-   Deep cleanses by opening pores so dirt and bacteria can be easily removed, preventing acne & blackheads

-   Removes toxins by causing your face to sweat thus toxins are released

-   Fights aging by increasing blood circulation to the face resulting in increased nutrients and oxygen



Enjoy xoxo


Treat Yourself To Health



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