About us

All of our products are thoroughly researched and formulated using natures premium components, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin.  We are firm believers that healthy = happy and happy = optimum. Treat yourself to health and unlock the best of you. You will love the supple freshness of your radiant, glowing skin and hydrated silky tresses.


What We Don't Like:

animal products




gluten or its derivatives

harsh preservatives

synthetic fragrances/ dyes

unnecessary ingredients

anything bad for you



Whats In A Name ?

The ethos behind the brand name is to put it simply... We believe that everything you put on your skin, should be safe enough to ingest without any toxic/poisonous side effects. Like a cookie! Of course we do not advise you eat our products, as cosmetics are cosmetics and food is food after all, but you get the point.


Our Story

From childhood Elita the founder of CookiePhat, suffererd with multiple allergies and intolerances, it became apparent that cosmetic products as well as foods had the ability to impact her health significantly. Always a keen science enthusiast, Elita began researching these unrecognisable ingredients listed on cosmetics and uncovered that many ingredients used are actually counter productive to health. 

The probelm was however, there are extremely limited natural options available on the UK market that do not contain any allergens, do not contain toxic/ carcinogenic ingredients and are of premium quality.

Thus the journey began, researching, experimenting and developing nutrient rich products that could be used on her own skin without any ill effect- and was actually supportive of health. 

According to research the declining health of the population and cancer diagnosis statistics are linked to the types of carcinogens we are rubbing into our skins and feeding our children. As it stands harmful products are commonplace and through CookiePhat Elita is passionate to support the betterment of public health by increasing awareness whilst providing safe and healthy cosmetic options that really work.