Adriatic Silk Sponge

Adriatic Silk Sponge

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This premium grade fine silk sponge cleanses and massages the skin, relaxes the muscles and removes impurities from the face. Gentle facial peel, natural exfoliator, natural daily cleanser.



Soak the sponge to soften and massage in a circular motion. Use with or without cleanser.Carefully rinse the sponge after use to avoid residues that may erode the sponge tissue. Do not use boiling hot water and leave to dry in a ventilated place.



To eliminate the  texture of viscosity which is possible when the sponge is  not well cleaned after use,( or to brighten the colour), add a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate to a container of warm water, dip the sponge and squeeze it a few times (for added antibacterial action add 3 drops of Tee tree oil), then leave it in the container for a maximum of 30 minutes. After the soaking time, rinse the sponge and leave it to dry naturally.



Silky Surface

Adriatic Sea sponges, also known as Silk sponges, are known for their uncompromised quality since ancient times. Unique microclimate at the Adriatic Sea enables the sponge to grow slowly and develop a dense body structure full of fine, even microscopic pores. Once you moist the sponge in water, it absorbs the water and becomes super soft. The slow growing sponge body is also the reason that the Silk sponges are so – silky. The smooth surface of the sponge feels like pure silk on your skin. If you are looking for the softest natural peeling effect, Adriatic Sea sponges maybe exactly what you are looking for.
It is the ultimate product for the most luxurious bath and shower experience.


Antiseptic and Hypoallergenic

Adriatic Sea sponges are naturally loaded with iodine which works as a germ killer. Included with other sea minerals and natural enzymes, Adriatic sea sponges have beneficial effect on the skin. It’s recommended even for the most sensitive skin prone to allergies and irritations. Adriatic Sea sponges are the best choice for delicate facial skin and baby skin. They can be used for all kinds of hygienic purposes, for washing, gentle peeling or as a make-up remover.


Soft yet Durable

The sponge body is soft like air but incredibly dense, durable and resistant. Micro pores in the sponge body make the Adriatic Sea sponge the softest among sponges but also the most dense and durable one. Thousands of micro pores create the richest bath foam. You will notice that the sponge can absorb substantial amount of water, which is great for any spa ritual. The durability is due to the nature of the material the sponge is made of. Natural sea sponges are made of flexible protein fibre, spongin. The spongin fibres have amazing physical properties such as antistatic effect, fire resistance, extreme durability and flexibility. As such the Adriatic Sea sponges can be used over a longer period. If maintained properly, the Adriatic Sea sponge can be used even for two years or more.